Ladies Diamond Dig and Zooperstars visit GCS Credit Union Ballpark

Come out to GCS Credit Union Ballpark to enjoy some Grizzlies' baseball and a chance to walk away with DIAMONDS, presented by L.E. Smith Family Jewelers!

Diamond Dig will consist of an "egg hunt" on the field with only a few eggs containing grand prizes! All ladies 18 and over in attendance will be given the chance to race around the field and collect as many eggs in hopes they're a lucky winner!



This game will also have special ZOOperstars appearance!

The unique show features hilarious inflatable characters with clever names such as Harry Canary, Tommy Laswordfish, Clammy Sosa, Shark McGwire, and many more!  The performance combines synchronized dance routines, acrobatics, tricks and comedy for performances that connect with fans of all ages. Yes, adults often laugh harder than the kids! You won't want to miss them!

Come check out the Zooperstars and Lady's Diamond Dig on Saturday, July 13th!